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Best Presets Lightroom mobile France, filtres photo professionnels

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Professional retouching, in 1 click!

STOP bland photos! Are you tired of spending 1 hour retouching your photos for zero results?

ADpresets offers you hundreds of presets at your disposal, in packs (by theme) or individually!

  • Incredible quality photo filters!

    All our presets are created by Alexandra Dubois, the professional photographer of great French influencers like Justine Gallice!

  • For everyone!

    Whether you are a fashion influencer, travel influencer, or simply passionate about photo editing, ADpresets designs its filters to meet all your needs!

  • Anywhere anytime!

    Thanks to ADpresets, edit your photos wherever you are with your mobile! Accessible to everyone, without experience!


  • Advantages?

    - Create a unique universe for your Instagram feed

    - Edit your photos easily and quickly like a pro!

    < p>- Install your presets in 1 click on the free lightroom mobile app

    - Start becoming a real influencer now!

  • What's included?

    - For single presets, 5 preset variants.

    For packs, a grouping of several presets of the same theme (+/ -25 to 45 presets)

    - 1 tutorial to install the presets

    - For use on the Lightroom mobile app free or on your computer.

  • Joli feed instagram Presets Lightroom pour retoucher photo rapidement sans expérience, filtre photo pour influenceur instagram France

    Super easy installation!

    - You will receive a .zip file to download

    - Read the tutorial PDF included to install your presets

    - On the app or the pc: import the photo settings

    - Apply the filter in 1 click on your photos

    It's as simple as that!

Presets Lightroom photographe pour retoucher photo rapidement sans expérience, filtre photo pour influenceur instagram France

Reveal the artist in you!

Professional photographer for several years, I realized how important the "post-production" stage was for our photos!

I like to apply my style, reworking the colors and light.

Today, thanks to my presets, benefit from a unique retouch, different from anything that can be found! One pack will allow you to get totally different shades from each other!

Whether you want to grow your instagram and gain followers, or simply edit your photos, my presets are made for you!

You will be able to apply a filter to your photos in 1 click, using your computer or your mobile, wherever you are! A considerable time saver, for a totally professional, instagrammable rendering and without the need for editing experience!